The Royal Majestic Metreat


The Royal Majestic Metreat is a luxury healing retreat where attendees receive personalized services and intimate environment just for them. Let's be honest we get TIRED but don't always make the time or space to rejuvenate. That "always on the go mentality" can be draining especially when we make everything outside of ourselves the priority.

The intention of this Metreat is for you to be pampered and served with no guilt! Relax fully with no worries, timelines, deadlines, pressures, etc...The dates of the Metreat are determined by you.  You will be booking a flight to Cancun, Mexico.


Interest form is OPEN for those who want to experience a Wellness Vacation here in Mexico!


🌴Do you want to attend a retreat but not be one of 30 people with no time with the facilitator? This experience gives you 1 on 1 attentive time. 

🌴Do you want to feel safe being yourself without the pressure of having to fit in with a new group of people. 

🌴Do you prefer having an authentic experience while traveling abroad that doesn’t include going on tours?  Maybe you prefer private accommodations instead of being jammed into a hotel/resort with hundreds of people?

🌴Maybe you truly want a travel experience that leaves you feeling refreshed/renewed instead of exhausted from running around to do everything.

🌴Do you like being treated like royalty and pampered with personal services and gifts?!

If you’ve been paying attention Mexico has been a healing space for me for the past few years and now I’m taking you with me! Explore the magic of this place with me! 

The Royal Majestic Metreat ™️ is an intimate luxury experience that includes private healing services and plenty of time for SELF with the option to mingle when you choose. Perfect for those who are introverted and like to have space. You want to travel “soloish”.

Plan ahead for your Fall/Winter Trip!



This metreat is perfect introvert adventure you have been yearning for. You have enough time and space to tune into yourself with the option to engage with me when you feel called. It is also great experience for those interested in solo travel but feel more comfortable with a guide.

Investment starting at $4,500

Add On Services Available*