The Royal Majestic Metreat

The Royal Majestic Metreat is a luxury healing retreat where attendees receive small group and private holistic services in a intimate environment alonside just 3-5 women. Let's be honest we get TIRED but don't always make the time or space to rejuvenate. That "always on the go mentality" can be draining especially when we make everything outside of ourselves the priority.

This retreat allow you to reconnect to the most vibrant, present and in tuned version of yourself so that you can move forward with the blueprint of how you want to show up in life and purpose. Immerse yourself in a variety of water based healing activities. Explore the healing power of surrending and submerging. no previous swimming required nor or any activities. It is a gentle invitation.

The intention of this Metreat is for you to be pampered and served with no guilt! Relax fully with no worries, timelines, deadlines, pressures, etc... While there are core things on the schedule you are invited to FLOW in your own essence as well.

Staying in a private home away from crowds. The whole property is ours to take advantage of. Including our own private pool.

Explore the magic of this place with me!

The Royal Majestic Metreat ™️ is an intimate luxury experience that includes private healing services and plenty of time for SELF with the option to mingle when you choose. Perfect for those who are introverted and like to have space. You want to travel “soloish”.

Shared Room starts at $2,800

Private Room starts at $3,300

Nonrefundable deposit: $400